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August 19


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Should I turn this into a series or should I just let this be a one-shot.
Stroy Time

You were in the tub. And being only 6 your mom Alice Kirkland was there to help you.

"Love sit still." Alice said

"Okay mommy." You said

"Now close your eyes dear I am putting the shampoo." Alice said

"Okay." You said

She put the liquid in your hair. And rubs it around your head.

"Now here comes the water." Alice said

The water came down on your head and after it stopped you shook some of it off.

"Hey stop your getting me wet." Alice says

"Sorry." You said

You get out the bath and get dried by your mom. Then she caries you into your room where you have your clothes set out. She helps you put them on.

"Thank you mommy." You say

"No problem love. Now are you ready to go to Aunt Amelia's house?" Alice said

"Yes mum." You said

You head to the car that your mom owned. You got in and sat in your car seat. You watch the scenery go by and finally arrive at Aunt Amelia.

"Hey nice of you guys to drop by to day." Amelia says

"Hey there Amelia." Alice says

"Hello Auntie Amelia." You say

"Hey there little trooper." Amelia says

"Oh hello there (M/N)." Maddie says

"Hi Auntie Maddie." You say

"Hello Madeline." Alice says

"Oh who iz zhist little one?" Francoise said

"Who invited you! You frog!" Alice said

"Da, Who is the little one." Anya said

"Mommy who is the big lady?" You say

"Oh since you were bring (M/N) I thought I would invite the others." Amelia said

"Come here little one (Oh I want you to be mine) come to Aunt Francoise." Francoise said

"Hello auntie Francoise." You say

"Oh he's adorable." Anya said

The lady in the pink coat picks you up and tosses you in the air.

"Anya! Be careful with him!." Alice said

"It's okay he likes it." Anya said

"Weee~ YaY~." You were shouting

Anya outs you down and you get picked up by your mother.

"Aunt Anya is a very fun and nice lady." You say

"That's great sweetie." Alice says

"You must be hungry I made some Burgers while you were away." Amelia said

"Sure let's eat." Alice says

You all sit down at the table an grab one of Amelia's hamburger.

"Can I sit with (M/N) Alice?" Francoise?

"Fine." Alice says

"I sit with him too." Anya said

"Thank Auntie Amelia." You say

"No problem trooper." Amelia says

You eat the burger and talk with Aunt Francoise.

"Here sit in my lap (M/N)." Anya said

"Okay." You say

You clime into her lap and feel the softness of her coat.

"Your coat is soft." You say

"Thank you (M/N)." Anya says

"Hey (M/N) why don't you play with me." Madeline says

"Okay." You say

You clime out of Anya's lap and walk over to Madeline where she has some puzzle's.

"Which one do you want to try first?" Madeline asks

"This one." You say

The puzzle box had a picture of some bunnies in a field.

"Okay let's do it." Madeline said

After an hour or so the puzzle was completed.

"It's great." Madeline said

"Yeah it dose, (M/N) want to read a book with me?" Francoise says

"Okay." You say

"Here sit in my lap." Francoise

You start to read with Francoise and notice the word intercourse.

"Auntie what dose this mean." You say

You point at the word.

"Oh that is something you do when you like some one, so (M/N) do you like me?" Francoise said

"It looks like you need a nap little trooper." Amelia said

You yawn and nodded you head tiredly. Amelia takes you from Francoise and puts you in a bed in another room.

"He's so nice and cute Alice." Anya said

"He is very kind." Madeline says

"I love the way he smiles." Francoise said

"You should bring him more often." Amelia said

"Well I appreciate how you like (M/N) and maybe I will but for now let's let him sleep."

End of Part 1?
I don't own Hetalia

Part 1: You are Here!

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